Flatbed Specialists

September 5, 2022 0Case Study

If you manufacture or distribute freight that moves on a flatbed, you have a small chance of dealing with a broker who knows your business. The average broker is a dry van generalist as most truckload brokerage revenue is derived from dry van freight.

Flatbed freight is specialized work and it’s hard. Shipments tend to be project-based, meaning that you may get 90 shipments to one location one month and zero for the rest of the year. Job site deliveries may be at addresses that are new and not shown on a map yet, and clients require frequent, accurate updates.

Synchrogistics’ flatbed division services our clients’ $100mm+ freight spend. Our managed solutions team has had by far the largest success precisely because our clients realize that splitting their freight across multiple brokers just creates confusion and higher costs. We tailor our solution to fit the client, not force the client to fit to our business model.

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