Managed Services vs. Web Platform Provider

August 29, 2022 0Blog

Freight managed services and web-based tendering platforms are different things. While there is a place for both, a mismatch between client expectations and capabilities can lead to great frustration.

Managed transportation services is an outside team led by a dedicated account manager. The team invests time and expertise into customizing a solution to your needs. They have access to multi-disciplinary teams such as truckload, LTL, small parcel, ocean, warehousing and optimization, etc. Their compensation is tied to your organization achieving its goals. Often they will identify issues with processes that are not purely logistics – for example, Synchro has assisted clients in reducing inventory carrying costs.

A web-platform offers a low cost way to take advantage of infrastructure you may have already set up. The more customization a client needs, the less profitable that client is. The best web-platform customers have a stable carrier base and a logistics team that feels that they have already solved all major logistics issues for the company. In other words, specialized help is not needed.

Both business models coexist in the market and have their areas of greatest value. Contact Synchro today to learn more about our offering and whether it fits your needs.

Read more about Synchro’s Managed Transportation Services here: Your Synchro Solution

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