Synchrogistics: Fueling the Logistics Chain with ‘Visibility’

February 13, 2019 0Awards

By implementing a modern logistics infrastructure, Synchrogistics saves their clients more money.

After experiencing a low coverage and high costs for shipments, a shipper saved over half a million dollars in just the first year of their contract with Synchrogistics—a Greensboro-based 3PL service provider. Synchrogistics implemented a modern logistics infrastructure and helped the client achieve a coverage rate of 99 percent, up from its earlier rate of under 75 percent. The resulting benefit was an increase in customer shipments due to the ability to promise and deliver on-time delivery at competitive prices. “Most CIOs and top management executives I’ve met had sour experiences after trying some variant of freight management, as the level of support could not live up to the promised efficiency,” says Bill Jackson, Founder and President of Synchrogistics.

Powering middle market manufacturing, retail, and distribution companies, Synchrogistics is on a mission to rapidly integrate different modes of transportation into a cohesive data-driven picture and reduce freight costs…

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